To the leaders of the three countries who must lead Asia and the World.

Today, my morning started with a disruptive news that one
of young Japanese political leader mentioned his personal view
about the necessity of sexual services for soldiers during wartime and it must be justified as it was historically accepted as such.

It is not so unusual to see such politician’s radical and biased opinion in a news as we all know, but because
it’s been just a few days since we saw a controversial mentioning about Islamic culture by Tokyo governor which threw Tokyo into a difficult position in the candidacy race to win the Olympic 2020 (by the way who cares about it in Tokyo?), I was so disappointed to hear that news and shocked to know inability of those political leaders to learn.

Historically accepted or not was
not an issue. If the comfort woman problem was a reality or not was
not an issue, neither. The real problem I saw was he spoke out to the nation (even on his twitter account) as his way of thinking that it should be justified if other nations do the same, and those
oppressed people if there were should accept it to some extent as it was a requirement of the era.

National leader must not speak in such a way.

Here is the situation we see in the political scene these

China steps into the Japanese territory around the disputed island everyday just to show they are brave but they don’t know they look like just a thief.

Korea is trying to set up several int’l diplomatic meetings w/o calling Japan, even in the case it’s about their national security where Japan obviously has a concern because they want to behave Japan is not important for them while
it’s not true.

On the other hand, many Japanese politicians continually behave arrogantly and show they don’t have real sympathy or respect to the other cultures.

I think all of these are not about the history. These are about their own personality. All idiot and childish nationalisms.
Sometimes I feel it’s because of
these three countries that Asia can’t lead the world for long time. It’s been obvious from 1860s.

All should watch this video every time before they talk about any diplomatically sensitive issues, and should know how the pride of the nation should be shown.


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